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Many of the hormones, she says, have been used with great results in Europe for years. Somers is simply far more dangerous in her pop and inaccurate descriptions of hormones than most any doctor.

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That risk can be reduced by adding a progestagen, but that increases the risk of breast cancer. Somers thinks they are safe despite the fact that she developed breast cancer while on them, and later developed endometrial hyperplasia abnormal uterine cell growth , which led to a hysterectomy.

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Both are known side effects of hormone therapy. Somers blames her breast cancer on other medications, including birth control pills she took for many years.

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But she admits that her hysterectomy was likely due to an incorrect dosage of bioidenticals. Knockout consists mostly of her interviews of 13 people, eight of them doctors. One of Somers' most important interviews, T. Wiley—the proponent for high doses of bioidenticals to menopausal women—was a former actress turned self-proclaimed nutritional expert who it turned out did not even have the university degree about which she bragged. A review of the doctors and experts in Knockout by The Daily Beast reveals that many do not fare better. Two of the most important are Dr.

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Stanislaw Burzynski and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. Somers appeared with them last week on Larry King. Burzynski has a medical degree from Lublin, Poland. Without any clinical cancer research experience, he announced in he had discovered a cure for cancer based on an assumption that he could use amino acids—which he called antineoplastons—to cause spontaneous regression of cancer.

The FDA tried stopping him, even seeking a federal injunction. In , Burzynski was charged with a multi-count indictment, mostly for mail fraud and shipping unapproved drugs across state lines. A review of the 60 trials connected to antineoplastons completed since then reveals no substantive results for their patients.

But what about those patients interviewed by Somers and others who claim they were cured by Burzynski? Four years later, two were dead of their cancer, one was battling a recurrence, and the other had developed a different type of cancer. Gonzalez, who has no oncology training, insists that cancer can be eliminated if major organs are detoxified.

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His therapy involves everything from twice-a-day coffee enemas, yogurt, dried beans, and megavitamin supplements up to pills daily. He believes that pancreatic enzymes seek out and kill cancer cells. In August , the Journal of Clinical Oncology published the results of an eight-year controlled study of 55 pancreatic cancer patients.

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In , Dr. Worse than not scientific.

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This is pure ridiculousness. Some of the other doctors or experts cited by Somers in Knockout also raise sometimes unsettling questions upon closer examination. I touch them physically and try to transfer my positive energy to them. Suzanne Somers has morphed into her own business brand. Fitness and aging are at the center of it. But cancer has been a consistent thread.

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Doctors to whom I spoke said that many of those interviewed in Knockout , while not promoting a cancer cure, were selling unproven anti-aging remedies or products. Cristiana Paul is a former software engineer turned personal nutritionist to Somers and now offers her own line of supplements. But fast-forward to almost 30 years later and times have certainly changed.

Instagram and Twitter have had a lot to do with the shift, and have also had a hand in fueling the growth of the health and wellness industry. Here are a few reasons why: you no longer need a celebrity spokesperson or expensive TV ad to market a product.

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Also, the engaging nature of the platforms — i. They allow marketers to get their content in front of their ideal audience.

Learning to use the best hashtags will also help marketers get their content seen by the most people. But the question remains, what are the best hashtags to use for health and wellness marketers? You may have seen the term UGC trending around the internet. UGC user-generated content is content created and shared by users, customers, participants, etc. In marketing, having visual testimonials such as these is as good as it gets.

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That can happen atwww. These third party sites have separate and independent privacy policies. You're now signed up for local updates. Some people still swear by her FaceMaster.. Post comment.

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