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What is in JUUL — Know What’s Really Inside the Juul Pod

The first thing you need to do to fill your ego t starter kit is to simply turn the T3S clearomizer upside down and unscrew the base.

1st Place – Voopoo Alpha Zip

Be careful not to get the ejuice into that middle airway hole, as that is supposed to be kept dry, as only air and vapor will pass through it. You want to fill your tank up almost to the top markings on the T3S clearomizer, so that you will have enough ejuice in there to last you between refills.

Be careful not to fill too much, as if you go past the air hole, it will get ejuice down the airway, which is no good, because then you will have to clean your tank. Now grab that atomizer base that you took off and screw that back on to make a good seal. After this you can screw the clearomizer back onto the ego-t battery from your starter kit.

Now what you want to do is let your ejuice sit in the tank for minutes so the ejuice can soak into the wick. From then on, you are good to go. Note that you may need to charge your battery first, but oftentimes they come with a little bit of a charge so you can start vaping right away! To see if your ego t pen is already on, you can press the power button down once to see if it lights up. If it does not light up it means its off. Now put your mouth on the mouthpiece drip tip and take a small controlled puff while pressing down and holding down the power button.

This will initiate the vaping and you will hear the vaping action and you will feel the vape when you inhale. You want to take a slow controlled puff, as if you do it too quickly, it can cause leaking of your clearomizer tank. You will see the ego-t battery start blinking and stop. Now when you try to press the power button, the button will not light up. When you first receive the starter kit, you will likely have some charge on the battery so you can vape right away. Note that you should never use a charger that is not designed for the vape pens.

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To charge your ego t starter kit, you simply need to screw the ego-t battery into the USB charger connection. Then you attach that usb cord into the AC adapter to plug into the wall. It may take longer if you are plugging the USB charger into the computer, so it is recommended to just charge it through the AC adapter if you want it to charge faster. It will probably take anywhere between hours.

It is also not recommended to leave charging overnight or to leave it charging unattended. Once you have a fully charged ego-t battery, it should last anywhere between hours, or less if you really vape a lot. You should be fine getting through your entire day vaping on one battery, if it is a mahmah.

Last Updated on October 22, by Nicholas King. We are going to be looking at the best box mods and vape mods on the market. This is a huge category and rather than looking at all types of vape mods, which can set you back a small fortune. We are concentrating our efforts on the best value. Box mods, which are also referred to as Vape Mods, were originally designed to produce a longer battery life and higher power vape which are ideal for sub ohm vaping.

Over the last few years, they have come a long way, producing the same power outputs but have reduced in size considerably making them one of the most preferred types of e-cigarettes available. Although significantly larger than the Vape Pens and Cigalike e-cigs there are many advantages to box and vape mods including the ability to adjust the voltage, control the temperature of the coil and outperform any other type of e-cigarette on battery life.

If you don't mind a slightly larger e-cigarette then box mods or vape mods should be considered as your preferred vaping product!

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If, however, you're still unsure if a box mod is a right choice for you, we suggest reading our easy guide on the best e cig products for different types of vapers to get a better idea. One of the truly best made vape mods on the market, great look and feel along with one of the most responsive mods on the market thanks to the Gene Chipset. The looks may not suit everyone, but if you can get round that then your left with a truely unbelievable vape packed with flavor and thick clouds.

The Maat tank which is included in the kit is one of the best performing mesh sub-ohm tanks on the market, so all in all, this is a hard kit to beat. VooPoo seem to be leading the manufacturers in the title for the best box mod with 2 of their models in first and second. This is mainly thanks to their superb Gene Chipset, that no one can deny is simply awesome. Again, as the Alpha Zip, the DRAG 2 has a super ramp up and response times, but taking the original design from the DRAG 1 which was a best seller in its time, and making slight improvements makes this another vape mod kit hard to beat.

Slightly less impressive tank, with the UForce Mesh tank, in comparison to the Maat tank, but still produces a deep flavored, thick cloud vape that many experienced and new vapers will love. Simply the best on the market! With so many different types and features that are contained in box mods and vape mods, it can be pretty difficult to find the best.

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We have therefore put together some top tips to make the decision process that much simpler. Most box mods and vape mods come with some standard features which include low voltage protection, cut off protection, short-circuit protection and battery protection. So just make sure they have these features and move on. The features that you need to consider include the following:.

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Vape mods and box mods come is a whole host of sizes, with the majority based around the dual battery setup. This has a big impact on the size of the vape mod and increases the weight considerably. Box mods and vape mods that offer internal batteries, and single battery options are often quite a bit smaller, but here you have to make sure battery power measured in mAh is decent enough for you to use and last all day.

As a rule of thumb, consider that one is approx mAh, so an internal battery of between mAh is equivalent to a dual battery device. Any smaller than mAh may have trouble providing a regular vape , especially if your vaping over 50W. The smaller powered devices that have an internal battery of less than mAh, or use just one battery are really meant for the lower wattage vapers, no greater than 40W. To achieve this they often provide kits with tanks that have coils with reduced diameters to produce the best vape. It does achieve a similar vape, as far as taste is concerned, but you are sacrificing a warm vape with large cloud content.

You have to consider the possibility that box mods and vape mods may not be the right choice for you. We go over the different types of e-cigarettes that suit certain types of users in our guide to finding the best electronic cigarettes , so give that a read for more information. Essentially vape mods and box mods are suited to the more experienced vaper, who wants a little more of a warmer vape produced from more power and a vape that will last longer than vape pens and Vape Pods.

Most of the box mods and vape mods cater mainly for the sub-ohm vaping type of user those who perform the direct lung inhale vaping technique , these types of vapers mainly use a sub-ohm tank that comes as part of the starter kit. There are models available to support mouth to lung vaping, but these are far and few between. By now you should have a pretty good idea of which of the best box mods we give examples of will best suit you. But before you make up your mind there is one more thing you need to learn.

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There are essentially four different types of box mod and vape mod on the market, each suits different types of users. The variable wattage box mod is pretty much the standard mod that everyone means when they mention either a box mod or vape mod. They are also the mods that we feature as the best on this page. You should know already that the variable wattage box mod has additional features that we mention above like temperature control and a whole host of safety features to keep the vaper safe when vaping.

This type of box mod can be used with pretty much any type of tank, whether its a stock sub ohm tank , RTA tank , or RDA tank. Often these types of mods come in starter kit form, which means you get a sub-ohm tank with the kit, along with a couple of different coils to test. This type of mod is the most popular in the vaping industry due to its advanced features and ease of use.

The AIO box mod is really an extension to the vape pen which often comes with fewer features and less power. The tank is actually built into the mod itself but is refillable by either unscrewing the mouthpiece of other plungers. Due to the tank being part of the mod, there is less space for the manufacturer to use for the battery and therefore they offer low wattage levels.

To compensate for low power they are often designed for the mouth to lung vapers, but some extend to sub-ohm vaping by using a small diameter core within the coil to improve vape production.

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The Squonk Mod really started to get popular in with more advanced vapers. One of the best ways to get the flavor from your e-liquid is by a method known as dripping.

This is where you build your own coil deck with cotton and drip the e-liquid onto the coil just before you vape. This keeps the e-liquid fresh and less chance of spoiling as they can do within the warm tank. Squonk mods were invented to prevent the vaper from having to carry a small bottle around with them and to make the whole dripping method easier. The Squonk mod is of similar size to a dual battery, variable wattage box mod but replaces one battery with a squeezable bottle.

This bottle is filled with e-liquid and when squeezed, releases e-liquid to the coil.