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How To Save Money At Walmart Using Walmart Pickup Services

If you do this first, you can make sure you have an acceptable time secured.

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That said, we never place our grocery orders early in the morning. Once you have a time slot reserved, use the website or Walmart Grocery app to fill your virtual shopping cart. You can buy all of the usual grocery and household needs.

Walmart Grocery Pickup: Everything You Need to Know

While you can order most of your usual grocery shopping needs, not every Walmart item is available for grocery pickup. I cover more on item substitution and how it works a bit later in this article. When entering your payment information, make sure to click the box to add your Walmart Grocery promo code. Walmart requires you to pay with a debit or credit card. When you place your order, Walmart will let you know that you can change your order up until a certain time. This is great in case you forgot to add an item.

It even works if you realize you no longer need something you ordered. After you place and finalize your order, wait to receive a confirmation text message or email.

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This text or email will let you know when your order is ready. It normally comes shortly before your order pickup time window. After you receive confirmation your order is ready for pickup, log in to the Walmart Grocery app.

Can I use coupons with Walmart grocery pickup? ★ Deeper Meaning

This makes the pickup process faster. Your phone sends Walmart your estimated arrival time based on your location. This is what speeds up the process. It lets Walmart employees know to get your order ready.

Pull in to a spot then open up your app again. In just a minute or two, you should see your Walmart personal shopper come out of the store.

Just enter the promo code during checkout, now through December 31st, 12222.

They may verify your name then go get your order. In some cases, they may come straight out with your order. The personal shopper will go over any substitutions that were made. Either way, you can accept or reject each substitution before you sign for your order. Some personal shoppers may show you your fresh produce or eggs. This allows you to verify they meet your standards. After that, the personal shopper will unload your groceries wherever you ask for them to be put. I do recommend verifying you received everything you have ordered before leaving the store.

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This can be a major pain as it requires me to head back to the store to get the item. Simply contact customer care using the phone number or other options listed in your receipt email. A representative has always quickly addressed my issues and made things right. Walmart will look for a similar item of equal or greater value and will substitute it at no extra cost.

On our first order, they were out of my selected flavor of granola bars. Instead, they substituted it with a different flavor. The shopper asked me if that was alright. I verified it was and that was the end of it. The bags with substituted items have a tag on them so the shopper can easily show you the substituted item if you have questions about them.

While this process usually works with no issues, there are occasional issues that lead to rejections. One time we ordered fat free greek yogurt that was out of stock. This can be frustrating. Errors like this require you to go in the store to get the item you wanted. Even so, it still saves you time versus shopping for everything yourself. We once ordered a 16 oz bag of broccoli florets and were given a 12 oz bag of a different brand. Looking to find more Walmart deals? Visit our Walmart page or set up a Deal Alert.

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